We Care About Environment

Water, energy consumption and waste emission are the most important topics thru out all level of society. Sustainable production process are crucial consideration for all manufacturer today.

As a general concept textile manufacturing is polluted and energy consume in most people’s mind. Mou Fung as a responsible manufacturer, we would do all possible way to minimize our ecological footprint.

Solar power the ultimate power source that position as sustainable but yet most expensive and inefficient due to past technology. The project was planned since 2015, Mou Fung will plan to build a highlightedbyits thin-film solar rooftop throughout Zhuhai Mou Fung facility. Finally it will be finish and put into production in June 2017.

Waste water recycling - complexly and costly of waste water treatment and recycling process are often cause big headache to manufacturer.We adopted the latest filtering technology which capable to reuse 15% after treatment waste water back in our production process.

Sustainable energy source - Steam generate by coal or fuel boiler are essential to dye and finishing facility. Mou Fung had switch to superfluous steam provided by local power plant since 2012 and natural gas supply available in Zhuhai industrial area 2014 with both we eliminate exhaust gas emission totally.